Baby and Toddler Toys – Which Ones Make the Grade?

With so many toys on the market how do you know which ones will be a hit and which will be a dud? Use this guide to see which ones might be a hit for your baby and toddler and which ones will be as short lived as a disposable diaper.

If you have kids you know how it goes -one day a certain toy is the favorite and the next day it is cast aside never to be looked at again. If you, like me, like to minimize the toy clutter in your home you might like to see which toys have been hits and have stood the test of time in my home. Even better? The have been great for both my son AND my daughter. Gender schmender, kids don’t know the difference between girl toys and boy toys so these will keep the attention of all of your current and future kids.

Number Lovin’ Oven, Teal

Number Lovin' Oven, Teal baby toy

Number Lovin’ Oven, Teal is absolutely our favorite toy. With his enthusiastic voice and cheery counting he is sure to catch the attention of your little one. The good news is that even the highest volume setting on this one isn’t too obnoxious to our adult ears. A simple pot with a spoon and some toy food, Number Lovin’ Oven, Teal is geared towards what little hands like to do the most, bang on things and remove and then return things into the oven.

Play Kitchen

Chefs Kitchen Playset

This is one we got when my son turned one, I was skeptical of how long it would last at first but he uses it constantly even at almost 4 years old.

It is always interesting to send him off to cook something and see what his imagination concocts. Now that my daughter is walking she enjoys standing at it, pushing knobs, and loading and unloading all of the drawers and compartments; if you are ever missing anything at my house I suggest checking the kitchen first.

This one isn’t a fad and with a little encouragement from parents (“What can you cook for dinner?”) it will be a long lasting toy.

Look and Find Books

Look and Find Books

At first glance these might seem like they are either too babyish for your preschooler or too difficult for your baby.

These, in my opinion, are one of the most versatile books out there. When reading to your infant or toddler these are perfect for pointing out shapes and colors.

Preschoolers learn to recognize the items in the books and will surprise you with the terms they learn from the Look and Find books… “rickshaw” anyone? Is your little one into cartoon characters? No problem! Look and Finds are available in everything from Dora to Mickey Mouse to Thomas the Train.

Wooden Blocks

Wooden Blocks

Size appropriate wooden blocks have always been a hit in my home. Now that my son is older he can build elaborate buildings and fortresses out of them. My daughter, enjoys having us stack them up so that she can unceremoniously destroy them and collapse in a fit of giggles.

Toddlers and preschoolers alike will enjoy the endless creations they can make out of blocks… even if they know they will eventually come through like the thunder and destroy it all 😀

A ride on toy

A ride on toy

With so many on the market it is easy to see that ride on toys are a timeless hit. My son has the Rock,Roll, and Ride Trike and it is still frequently used and in great condition even after 3 years. I especially like this one because there is a handle for when your toddler starts maniacally pedaling down the hill at 25 miles an hour gets tired of pedaling you can take hold and lead the way without breaking your back bending over.

So tell me, which toys have been a hit in your home? How long have they lasted? Any must buys for a 1 and 4 year old?

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