Baby Won’t Sleep In Crib

Are there any more common questions asked by new moms? Well, just the other day my friend Linda asked me, “My newborn won’t sleep in crib alone, what could be the problem?” I got taken aback.

If you are a new parent with a baby who cannot go to sleep, it can be so overwhelming. You will always be frustrated and exhausted than you ever imagined. It is the period in your kid’s life to make the best of every moment. No mom wants her days to be full of frustration and exhaustion.

Back to Linda, let me share with you the same tips I gave her. You might be facing a harder time with your baby. These simple tips can assist you in enjoying your nights minus wondering whether the baby is going to cause chaos.

Keep reading if you have a child who never goes to sleep, and you wish to make them too.

Five factors that might cause a baby not to sleep in the crib

Kids can bring so much joy to a family. However, there are moments when these little ones show grumpiness and become irritable.

As a mom, it is your role to see your baby through all those changes in mood. It is not so easy telling why babies cry or are not in the atmosphere. The situation worsens if the child shows these reactions in the dead of night.

I have come up with the top five factors which might be causing your baby not to sleep in her crib.

Baby is hungry or had an unbalanced diet

Baby Won't Sleep In Crib

Did you give your child more than they can handle? If you do not have an idea of how much to feed your baby, a pediatrician can give you good advice.

Feeding the baby well means she will enjoy a long sound sleep during the night.

Giving your child too much when feeding is different from providing ample milk to her. It is where you feed the baby every time she fails to sleep in her crib. It is not food that she might be asking for all the time. It could be a result of other issues like the ones below.

Not comfortable in the crib

There are a lot of factors that might cause the baby not to be comfortable in the crib. These might include a change of diapers, the temperature in the nursery or baby beddings. 

If you do not seek a solution to these problems, your baby will keep on waking you up with cries in the dead of night.

Baby sickness

A sick child is hard to go soundly sleep in a crib. Ensure that you keep near your ill child. You have to see that you follow the pediatrician’s advice.

Sleep might be hard to come by if your baby is sick. However, your warmth and loving care might soothe the baby from the discomfort.

Baby might be overstimulated

It is not a good idea since your child will be expecting to get stimulated all the time. Turning to a quiet relaxation routine is useful in helping your child unwind from the busy day.

Baby might have played a lot during the day or interacted a lot with family members. Afterward, she can be able to fall asleep minus the stimulation.

Let the baby have some quiet time to relax before nap time. Then sleep will overcome her soundly.

The anxiety of separation from mom

Baby Won't Sleep In Crib

For most infants five months and above, the fear of getting separated from the parents is quite. It is such a difficult situation to see your baby crying. She might even become uneasy with the prospect of you leaving her alone in the crib.

You need to respond to this positively by having the baby learn to live independently and confidently. However, you need to keep around to see that she is safe. Be patient and let your child know mommy is around to give her confidence.

It is a heartbreaking moment where your baby won’t sleep in the crib. It means you will stay awake all night long.

In the next section, I’m going to give you some ideas on how you can make the baby go back to sleep.

How to help your child sleep in the crib

Baby Won't Sleep In Crib

Your newborn might find it hard to sleep in the crib because it is far from mom. She needs all the comfort at night. And, the crib seems huge compared to the womb where she has spent nine months.

If you choose your child to sleep in her room for her first months, she might not like it at first. You have to make a transition for your child to her crib as pleasant as possible.

However, you might realize months later that the baby has failed to make the transition lightly. To her, it might seem like a transfer to the guest room.

She has no sense that you are just giving her independence to sleep alone and comfortably. She might fail to recognize the crib as her bed.

Coming to this, you need to get help with making your baby learn to sleep in her crib. It would help both of you to enjoy peaceful nights.

Does the baby need some movement in a rocking chair or a bouncing seat to make her sleep?  Or she needs to suck on something like a pacifier or nursing bottle? Is her crib offering enough comfort?

If up to now the baby has not got used to sleeping in her crib, you have to find means of making it comfortable now that she is growing older. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Think about putting the baby crib in your room for a few days
  • Ensure to spend day time in the child’s room
  • Let baby sleep on the crib sheet for a few days. She will get used to it
  • You can as well sleep on the baby crib sheet so that it picks your scent
  • Be patient.

All the above ideas are not going to work in a day or two. It might take some days or a few weeks. Though, the first nights are likely to be quite hard. Expect them to be hard, and your baby might give you a surprise. Keep in mind that not all kids make the same kind of transition.

Before transitioning your child to sleep in her crib, ensure that she knows how to fall asleep on her own. Otherwise, you will have to be spending the entire night moving from the baby’s room to yours.

Even if your child sleeps well in your room, but she fails to adjust to sleeping in her crib, be gentle. It is a new place and never let her to cry her heart out.

Some babies love it sleeping in their space. All without any smell of mommy’s milk or hearing Daddy snore away all night.

Choosing beddings to give your newborn angel a good sleep

Baby Won't Sleep In Crib

Quality is more important than price

When shopping for baby articles, you need to pick quality products. It is not good to save money and buy poor quality beddings for your little angel.

The skin of your baby will be getting into contact with the crib linens, so they need to be of warm and soft material. It needs to be made of top quality material that will not irritate the baby’s skin.

Look for proper baby sheet material

When buying baby sheets, look for a lighter material that will not overheat even in summer. Pure organic cotton baby crib sheets are ideal. These let your child breathe with ease and allow her to sleep soundly without interruption due to too much warmth.

Go green with a crib mattress

When choosing a crib mattress, it is one of the important items you need to buy for your newborn. It is because the baby will spend over 70 percent of her life sleeping on it.

Therefore, you need to opt for a safe and comfortable bed.

Choosing baby crib beddings, you should be entirely revolving on giving your child the comfort and safety she deserves.

If you do this, both of you will be able to have a better sleep with the baby resting on comfortable and soft crib beddings.


Have anything to say about this article, drop it in the comment box below. And if you need more ideas about baby sleep, you can as well check out more articles covering the topic on this site.

Making a baby sleep in her crib is the ultimate wish of every mom. It means you will enjoy more rest at night knowing that your little one is sound asleep in a safe place.

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