Create a Happy Living Space for Your Child

Children have a unique way of adding joy to our everyday life. It makes a child so special for your soul and life.

One of the best things you can do to your child is to give them pleasant living space. The best option is to paint their room in the right way. It does not mean just adding a splash of blue or pink in the child’s room.

As a parent, you must understand how to create a peaceful living space for your child. This has to cater to their preferences and your budget. 

Considerations to add color to your child’s room

A kid’s room has many functions.

Your child’s room has more functions than sleeping. This is where the child will spend a huge amount of time sleeping, eating, or playing.

When thinking of giving the child’s room a splash of color, it pays to mind about the functionality of this room. Opt for colors and patterns that come with comfort for years to come.

Your child is your inspiration


A boy’s room does not have to be blue always. There are other colors, including:

  • Orange
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Beige

It is a wonderful idea to ask your child when choosing the base color for their room. Even when the child does not talk, opt for inspiration from their preferences.

Perhaps your child loves “The Lion King,” incorporate forest shades in the room. Paint her favorite characters on the walls and customize the room efficiently.

If your child loves drawing, opt for blackboard paint and make a play area for him. A sports theme is a wonderful idea for a child who loves sports.

Children’s needs are always changing

crib 2

Children’s needs change quickly since they grow. Thus, never paint their room according to current needs.

You have to focus on future requirements too. A feature wall is a cost-effective option for a painting job in the kid’s room. A nautical theme feature wall is a wonderful idea for a child who loves boats and ships.

With time, the child is more likely to outgrow their admiration for the theme you chose for them. However, it is so easy to repaint a feature wall more cost-effectively.

Here are some decorating ideas for a boy’s room

More is better

Your kid’s room must never be dull and boring. Single color in the room makes it insipid and lifeless. Focusing on a variety of colors will create a livable space.

The wonderful idea is to opt for a color palette with three colors. One-color should be for the walls, one for the molding, and the last one for the accents. Adding texture to the walls will make it lively. Experimenting with various color palettes with wallpapers, wall hangings, furniture, or decals is a good idea.

Choose child safe painting

Ensure to choose a professional painter for the job. Make sure that he uses paint free from volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Eco-friendly painting is safe for the baby and gives you peace of mind. VOC free paints or milk-based paints are good for a child with allergies. These have no odors, and your child is safe from nausea, headache, and difficulty in breathing. 

Useful tip:

Opt for low maintenance paints, including satin and semi-gloss paints. Additionally, stain-resistant paint is easier to clean crayon, doodles, food splatters, fingerprints, and ink stains from the walls.

Fun ideas to paint your child’s room

kid room

Now that you are ready to change the look of your kid’s room, you need ideas on how to go about it. This explains why it is important to have the following fun ideas to change the look and feel of your child’s bedroom.

Decorate the walls with words

You can use words to change the look of your child’s room. However, you can retain the background color of the walls. To decorate the child’s rooms with words can happen in a variety of ways. For a personal touch, you can do it by hand.

If your handwriting is not that appealing, consider etching the words across the room with stencils. Nursery rhymes and other poems are good options. For a boy’s room, animal characters are good ideas. For the girls, consider writing cute phrases or different quotes.

Painting the room with murals

You can paint various murals on the walls in the kid’s room. If you do not know how to do this, consider hiring someone. The task does not need a costly professional since you are not making a model home. You can hire an amateur to come and draw whatever you need.

With the mural done, then you can give it a coat of paint you find appropriate. Murals will dramatically change the look and feel of any space.

Your child’s room will become a fantasy world.

Use sketches

Sketching is a wonderful option when painting your child’s room. It becomes even better when you are great at working with a pencil.

Well, if you are not, there is no reason to begin fretting over how you are going to accomplish the project. Consider looking through some magazines and comic books for pictures. Afterward, make transparencies of the images and trace them on the walls in the child’s room.

Now that you have the outlines of characters and objects on the wall, it is time to begin painting. Sketching is fun and adds personality to the kid’s room decor.

Choose an appropriate theme

kid room 2

It is obvious that you need a theme when giving your child’s room a new coat of paint. However, it pays to figure out what you are trying to achieve precisely.

Pick an appropriate theme before anything else is a smart way to get a clear picture of how the room is going to look. It also comes in handy when choosing the right colors to use. There are various options when choosing a theme to paint a child’s bedroom.

These include:

  • Ocean seafloor theme
  • Princess theme
  • Spaceship theme

Go for Magnetic and chalked paint

One of the coolest ideas to paint the walls of your kid’s bedroom is to opt for magnetic or chalked paint. Imagine giving your child a wall that works like a magnet. This creates a fun-filled space for your child.

Alternatively, you can opt for paint that allows the child to write directly on the wall like a chalkboard. The best thing is that the child can erase whatever they write on the wall. This is a cool way to give your child fun-filled moments.


There are various ideas on painting a kid’s room. The hard bit is choosing one that both you and your child will love. Whatever the situation, it is very important that the painting is reflecting your child’s personality and choice. Ensure to spend some time with your child to make painting decisions for a happy, functional, and comfortable living space for your little angel.

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