Diet Tips for Pregnant Women to Prevent Weight Gain

Food intake during pregnancy is an important issue. Some studies indicate that the mother should eat for two “to have enough food for your baby, and others say that this is not necessary since it can bring problems of weight and then impact the baby.

To properly feed you, we will give you a diet for pregnant women to prevent weight gain, keeping all the nutrients needed for this step.

Not all pregnant women require the same amount of food, as each case is different from the other person. Pregnant diets need to contain 300 calories per day; however, whether consumed before pregnancy, about 1200 calories per day, you must climb to 1500 calories.

It is recommended that pregnant women consume about 3 cups of skim milk and other dairy foods daily, and many fruits and vegetables, grains such as rice or wheat, cereals, pasta, protein (red and white meat, eggs, nuts), about eight glasses of water per day.

Diet Tips for Pregnant Women to Prevent Weight Gain

Then give them a basic diet for pregnant women to avoid gaining weight:


2 slices whole wheat bread with butter, a bowl of cereal, an egg, and a cup of skim milk.

Morning snack

4 or 5 crackers with a slice of cheese or a spoonful of peanut butter.


1 cup boiled rice, a portion of 86 g meat, a serving of vegetables, soup, fresh fruit.

Afternoon snack

a cup of yogurt or skim milk and an apple.

Afternoon snack

a half cup of cereal with skim milk.


a cup of boiled rice, a piece of fish or tofu 85 grams, a serving of vegetables, soup, and fresh fruit.

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