Filling Baby’s First Easter Basket

Every first holiday your baby experiences is exciting and fun! As a parent, you want to make the holiday special for your child, but figuring out what to put in an Easter basket for a baby can be tough! Here are some ideas that will help you fill baby’s basket in no time!

Rattles & Teethers

Rattles and teethers are great for young babies and it seems like they never have enough of them! If you keep an eye out or check online, you may even be able to find some that are Easter themed!

Pacifiers & Bottles

Easter gift

If your baby uses a pacifier or has a particular preference when it comes to bottles, you might put a few of these items in your child’s basket! They’re always useful, and practical gifts are great!

Baby Snacks

If your baby is old enough that they are eating snacks, include some of their favorites in their Easter basket in lieu of candy. Baby snacks such as whole grain fruit puffs, yogurt puffs or teething biscuits are great ideas! If you’re not sure what to get, take a stroll down the baby food aisle and see what looks good!

Rubber Duckies

If your baby enjoys bath time, put some rubber duckies in their basket! They’re sure to love the squeaky little animals! If you keep an eye out or shop online, you may even be able to find Easter themed rubber duckies!

Board Books

Easter gift

Even very young babies can enjoy the colors and pictures found in board books! Find a board book your child may like and put it in their basket! Easter themed board books are pretty easy to find near Easter time as well!

Stuffed Animals

Babies love stuffed animals and you can easily find a teddy bear at most department stores! If you want to stick with something Easter-themed, pick up a stuffed rabbit or an Easter chick! You may even be able to find one that makes noise, like a chick chirping!

Headbands & Hats

Headbands for girls, and hats for boys are a great idea for Easter basket goodies! Depending on how much hair your little girl has, you may even want to include clips and bows!

Bibs & Socks

Easter gift

Bibs and socks are practical, but cute and fun to include in your baby’s Easter basket! You might be able to find Easter themed bibs near Easter time or by shopping online!

Baby Dishes & Utensils

If your baby is near or past the age you’ve decided to start solids, include some baby utensils and dishes in your child’s basket! Things like plastic bowls, cups, plates, spoons and forks are a great idea! Take a look around the housewares section of your local department store! Many carry brightly decorated melamine dishes intended for young children.

Soaps & Lotions

Babies get dirty and they get dirty often! Pack your child’s Easter basket with some of your favorite soaps and lotions! You’ll enjoy a fresh smelling baby, and your baby will enjoy the massage with the lotion!

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