How Did You Find Out You Were Pregnant

Mommies, how did you find out you were pregnant? Was it by accident or were you trying to conceive? Regardless of the manner of discovery, one thing is for sure – it was one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking experiences any mother would have in her lifetime.

In this tutorial, we’ll explore the different steps to find out if you are pregnant. Finding out about your pregnancy as soon as possible would enable you to take care of your baby and yourself. It will let you take all the prenatal vitamins necessary for your baby’s development. Check out the steps below.

6 Steps to Confirming Pregnancies

Closely Monitor Your Period

A missed period is often the first tell-tale sign of pregnancy. If you have been trying to conceive for a long time, you are already familiar with your menstrual cycle. However, note that there could also be a variety of reasons why a woman could experience a missed period at some point in her life.

Aside from pregnancy, hormonal imbalance and age could also be considered two factors that could delay your period. If you missed a period, try not to celebrate yet and proceed to the next steps to confirm if there is truly a bun in your oven.

Moreover, if your period has been delayed a few times with no other signs of pregnancy, it is imperative to see a doctor know if there are other medical conditions to be checked.

Be Keen on Observing Some of the Early Signs of Pregnancies

How Did You Find Out You Were Pregnant

While having a missed period is usually the first sign of pregnancy, other symptoms could give you hints about whether you are pregnant. For instance, frequent urination, food aversions, a heightened sense of smell, and even unexplained weight loss or weight gains usually happen at the onset of pregnancy.

Many women also complain of sore or tender breasts, which tend to get swollen as the pregnancy progresses. These changes are due to hormonal imbalances, which also prepares the breasts for milk production.

Try Some Homemade Pregnancy Kits if You Want to Check if You are Pregnant

Yes, you read that right – homemade. There are specific homemade pregnancy kits you can make if you do not have any commercially available pregnancy test kits. The good thing about these kits is that they only require ingredients that can be found from your kitchen or your garden.

Some of the ingredients are bleach, toothpaste, and even a dandelion leaf. Your urine sample is the main ingredient in these homemade test kits. The principle behind the tests is simple—they test the presence of hCG hormone to determine if you are pregnant.

Time to Use a Pregnancy Test

Using a pregnancy test that you can buy over-the-counter is one of the easiest ways to confirm pregnancies. These kits typically use your urine sample to check whether it has a high concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This is the hormone produced by when a fertilized egg has implanted itself in the uterine wall.

Know that timing is also of the essence when using pregnancy kits. The release of the HCG hormone usually happens six to eleven days after the fertilization. The amount of hormone released will then double and surge in the following days.

Have a Qualitative or Quantitative HCG Blood Test Done

Aside from a urine test, a blood test can also be performed to determine whether you are pregnant. If you suspect that you are pregnant and are not comfortable with achieving a pregnancy test on your own, you can head to your doctor’s office to have a blood test done.

Keep in mind that blood tests are not only for confirming pregnancies. You will also undergo routine blood tests throughout the pregnancy, especially if any complications such as anemia or hepatitis are determined. For example, to know your hemoglobin level and determine your blood type and your Rh group, your doctor will also ask for these blood tests to be performed.

Have Your Doctor’s Visit

How Did You Find Out You Were Pregnant

This is an important step, and the sooner you visit your doctor, the better you can take care of your developing fetus. During your first prenatal visit, your doctor may ask several questions concerning your health history and other habits (e.g., smoking, drinking, etc.), impacting your pregnancy.

Moreover, your doctor could initiate tests to confirm your pregnancy further. It could be in the form of blood tests or intravaginal sonograms. It would also be crucial to let your health provider or doctor know of any genetic defects that could run in your family.

What To Do Next

Many women find out that they will soon embark on a new journey called motherhood with these steps’ help. Once pregnancy is confirmed, the next step is to ensure that all advice and instructions provided by your health provider, midwife, or doctor are followed well.

From discovering you’re pregnant to the time of giving birth, all stages should be regarded as equally valuable. Being ecstatic is normal, but it is more important to know how crucial it is to be extra careful when pregnant.

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, and it begins with that exciting moment of knowing that motherhood is just around the corner. When you are at this stage, enjoy it and give yourself the care you deserve. Share your pregnancy stories with friends so they would learn from your experience too.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. There’s nothing even more exciting than writing about one of the most beautiful life surprises called pregnancy. Feel free to write down your questions or comments. Hit SHARE to let your loved ones know about this post. Thanks, and until next time!

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