5 Fun Free Things to Do with Your Baby

I am a stay at home mom and have to get creative in order to get out of the house. I live outside a major metropolitan area so there surely is no shortage of things to do including museums, zoo’s etc.

However, taking a daily trip out with my 9 month old to one of these places starts to get costly. And he’s come to the age where strolling around the mall watching mommy shop is no longer entertaining. So I had to get creative.

These ideas are baby tested and mommy approved.

The Library

5 Fun Free Things to Do with Your Baby

The library is not only a place to check out books and movies. Many libraries have free programs for babies, even the little ones. Your baby will have a chance to listen to some songs and stories and watch some other babies, and you’ll have a chance to mingle with some other moms in your area.

The Bookstore

Many bookstores have a children’s area where they provide free toys for kids to play with and some even offer a free story time.

The Nursery

Stop and smell the different flowers and describe to your baby all the different types of plants you see. It gets you and baby out into the fresh air and gives you an opportunity to stop and smell the roses.

The Pet Store

Looking at all those fish swimming in the tanks and all the fuzzy little mice and such climbing around is certainly entertaining.

Warning: Make sure your child is not old enough to ask to bring a cuddly creature home.

The playground

5 Fun Free Things to Do with Your Baby

Baby not walking yet? No problem. Your little one will enjoy sitting on a blanket watching other kids playing. Bring some bubbles and you’re ready for some fun.

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