How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need

Are you there wondering, “how many crib sheets do I need to purchase for my baby?” Well, the perfect answer would be that there is always not enough crib sheets.

It’s no joke; seriously, you need to buy lots of organic cotton crib sheets for your baby. It is because you might never know how many crib sheets do you need.

New parents might be wondering why they have to buy lots of sheets. You will thank me after going through more than one baby.

That’s when you will appreciate the benefit of having all those extra sheets.

There’s quite a variety for you to choose from, which is such a good thing. You can find fun patterns and plain colored sheets on the market for under $10-$25.

Do parents have to spend much on crib sheets?


Saves you from doing laundry every day

First-time parents go sleepless the first days of parenthood, and they get stressed with loads of laundry to do. If you have spare crib sheets, you don’t have to worry much about having to do laundry every day.

Apart from some extra sheets, you also need to have additional waterproof covers for the crib mattress as well. The bed will be free from getting soaked by any liquids.

Giving the crib a new look

You also need to keep some spare crib sheets to change things up. Putting new sheets on your baby’s crib gives it a fresh feel.

Lots of cute designs

It is not for everyone if you on a shoestring budget. You have to live within your means. There are lots of attractive designs with lovely colored patterns that come these days.

For messy situations

Every mother should never be afraid of spending money to get enough crib sheets for their baby. You will be glad you did. And, most of all, thankful for those nights when your child gets a terrible blow out of his diapers.

You will be prepared well with some extra sheets, and within a few minutes, you will have gone back to sleep.

Babies can get messy, so you need enough sheets!


You need to have some extra sheets since your child can get quite messy. Babies drool, leak bodily fluids all over the place, and can spit-up.

If you’re on a shoestring budget, it is better that you buy about 3-4 crib sheets for your baby.

Buying 5-6 is also not a bad idea is you can afford them. You would be well prepared for those messy moments.

Imagine if you have a baby with reflux, she would be spitting up everywhere for the first five months of her life. She would be doing this every time you lay her down.

The crib sheets would be getting messy every two minutes on laying the baby down in her crib. You will need to be changing sheets multiple times a day.

Even without reflux, some healthy babies can spit up a lot too. You don’t have to forget that diapers tend to leak usually at night when they get too full. Nothing is as wrong your baby getting a horrible blow out of his diaper.

It will begin to leak all over the place, which will be quite messy if you do not have any clean crib sheets to replace the stained ones on the crib mattress.

It is, therefore, vital that you keep at least one extra pair of clean crib sheets always. It would be handy the moment the diaper leaks in the dead of night.

Before buying baby crib sheets

bath towel

Parents should be concerned with crib safety, sheet materials, ease when changing them and their ease when washing.

Select comfortable organic cotton crib sheets for softness plus relaxation to make the baby sleep with much pleasure.

Offering protection to your baby

The best crib sheets protect your child from getting suffocated and strangled. They fit firmly around the mattress minus any skidding.

Wondering, how many crib sheets do I need? Always purchase at least two crib sheets so that you can be able to change the bedding when needed.

Parents might regularly need about four to five pieces of crib sheets because they often need replacing.

Meet health standards

You should buy crib sheets that match the health standards to ensure maximum safety and quality. It is, therefore, important that design or anything else does not compromise the quality of the crib sheet.

Organic cotton crib sheets are the best


Use crib sheets made from pure organic cotton, which is soft and comfortable for placing on the mattress. It’s given priority due to its durability.

Organic cotton crib sheets are breathable, making it possible to maintain an even and comfortable temperature when your baby sleeps.

Match sheets with baby gender

Use baby sheets basing on the sex of your baby. You might use sheets in colors like purple, pink, and lavender for baby girls and green, blue, and brown for boys.

Choose machine washable sheets

Select crib sheets that are machine washable. Do always wash baby beddings using the hot cycle to kill germs, dust particles, and other microbes.

Also, ensure that the detergents that you use for washing are specially formulated for babies and are free from hazardous chemicals and perfumes.

Who makes quality crib sheets?

Brands, including the following, make organic baby crib sheets:

  • Nojo Organic
  • Summer Infant
  • Argington
  • Pixel Organics
  • Tad Poles American Baby

Others which make hypoallergenic crib sheets include:

  • BambooBaby
  • Silhouette
  • The Baby Natura

Useful tips

Sheets need to fit crib mattress

Make sure that the sheet fits snug around the mattress. Take the extra time to tuck the top sheet in as soon as the baby is ready to go to bed.

The top sheet should be at chest level

Make sure that the top sheet is at your baby’s chest level. It should not be long enough so that your child can pull the sheet up over his head.


You can buy as many as six crib sheets as long as you can afford them. If you have a shoestring budget, 2-3 might be enough.

These will help to keep your baby from sleeping on a soiled bed and give both you and the baby a good night’s sleep.

Have something else you would like to know about how many crib sheets you need? Leave it in the comments below.

I’ll be glad to give you a response immediately. It’s every mother’s pleasure to see that their baby is having excellent comfort when not in their hands.

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