How to Prepare for Baby’s First Photos

After waiting nine months for the baby’s arrival, the big day finally arrives, and the baby makes her debut.

The first few years of a child’s life rush by so quickly. Before you know it, your child is all grown up and moving out. One way to capture those precious first weeks and months is during a photoshoot.

How can you prepare for the baby’s first photos?

Take-Along an Extra Outfit

As the baby faces the camera for the first time, you will want to make sure that she looks at her very best. Dress your baby in an outfit that will compliment her features the best and take along a spare outfit if she is sick or spills milk over her outfit.

An extra outfit can also come in handy if you wish to have baby pose in more than one outfit. You can then pick and choose the photos you prefer and discard the ones you do not like.

Pack Baby’s Changing Bag

How to Prepare for Baby's First Photos

If you have made an appointment for baby’s first photos, the last thing you will want to do is have to cancel because you need to run home to change baby halfway through the photoshoot.

Pack the changing bag in advance so that if the baby needs to be changed, you can take a few brief moments to make her more comfortable and then return to the photoshoot without having to cancel the entire photoshoot. Having babysit in a soiled or wet nappy is never a good option, as this can irritate the baby’s sensitive skin.

For the best photos, you will want to capture the baby in a cheerful mood, rather than cry because they feel uncomfortable.

Don’t Forget Baby’s Toys

Toys can serve a couple of different purposes during the baby’s first photo shoot.

Not only can they be used as props to help attract baby’s attention so that she looks straight at the camera, but you can also use them in baby’s photos.

Having baby snuggles up to her favorite stuffed pig or sheep can look adorable in the baby’s first photos.

Preparing for the baby’s first photos is a momentous occasion. You will want to do all you can to prepare for the day so that you come away with photos you can look back on with pride in years to come.

Take along an extra outfit if the baby is sick or spills milk over her clothes, pack the changing bag if the baby needs to be changed during the photoshoot, and not forget to pack some of the baby’s toys.

Careful preparation can help the baby feel more comfortable and at ease.

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