Reading to Your Baby: 3 Things You Should Know

Reading to your baby brings to mind a wonderfully loving scenario where you pull out the rocking chair, pull your baby close, and begin reading in what is truly a bonding experience.

To make this experience the most enjoyable it can be, read on to discover 3 things you should know about reading to your baby.

Begin as Soon as Possible

Reading to Your Baby

Think of people who play music to their baby before it has even been born. They do this because of the importance of stimulating the baby’s developing brain.

This need for stimulation is also the reason why it’s never too early to begin reading to your baby. You create an early bonding experience with your baby while reading to it since you might even feel it responding in a physical way to different types of books.

Reading to your baby in utero will hopefully give it a stimulating boost of curiosity regarding books and creativity.

How to Read to Your Baby

Because the goal of reading to your baby is to stimulate its developing mind, you don’t have to be concerned whether your baby actually understands the words.

What’s more important is reading to your baby in a soft and lively voice. Babies typically respond by how you read more than the content of what you read.

It is also important to realize that, because babies have short attentions spans, your reading times with them should take place in short sessions. Think of the pleasant routine of feeding your baby, and then reading to it while it’s falling asleep.

Deciding Upon the Best Book

Reading to Your Baby

There are many top rated children’s books available, and you can often find them by visiting your local library’s web site.

You can also visit the site “Best Books for Toddlers” on Amazon to discover the recommendations of teachers and more experienced parents.

Certainly, rhyming books by Dr. Seuss are a good choice as you are deciding upon the best book. Dr. Seuss books are classic and can be reserved at the library or even purchased at garage sales.


In conclusion, the scenario of rocking your baby while reading to it is obviously a pleasant one.

And you should know that because babies need stimulation for their developing minds, it’s never too early to begin reading to them. You should bring the story to life by reading with a soft and lively voice, and you should look for books that rhyme and cater to the baby’s personality.

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