10 Unique Tips to Save Money on Baby Clothing

When baby number two was born into our family we still had plenty of expenses to cover such as new bedding, bottles and nipples, pacifiers, breastfeeding supplies, and since baby number two was a different gender, clothing.

With a tight budget we started looking for ways to save money on our baby clothing. Surprisingly we have spent very little to clothe our baby, yet she has plenty to wear, even though she grows out of many outfits in mere weeks!

Check out these top 10 tips to save money on baby clothes.

Tell Everyone!

First of all, make sure everyone you know is aware that you need baby clothes. Perhaps a coworker is asking about you little one. Slip in your need for baby clothes. You would be surprised how quickly people are willing to give away baby clothing or know someone who has baby clothing they want to get rid of. Don’t be shy about letting your baby clothing needs be known.

Forget Gender-Specifics

10 Unique Tips to Save Money on Baby Clothing

So what if your first was a boy and your second is a girl? For nighttime wear or “around the house” items there is no harm in putting your baby girl in something blue. And more gender-neutral items in yellows, greens, and red always work fine for both baby boys and baby girls. Particularly if it isn’t going to leave the house (washcloths, blankets, etc) there is no need to replace it with gender-specific items.


Craigslist is a great place to find entire baby wardrobes at very low prices. If you aren’t near a large city consider having a relative that does live in a metropolitan area pick up items for you. Larger areas tend to have more choices and better prices on baby clothes.

Look for Packaged Items

All of those hanging baby outfits at the store are so cute. But, you can often find better prices if you check the packaged items. Brand names such as Gerber offer sleepers, body suits, and pants in packages that are often a fraction of the price of the ones on hangers. Check out the cute baby clothes in packages to save money.

Don’t Count Out Brand Names

10 Unique Tips to Save Money on Baby Clothing

While consignment stores, Wal-mart, and other discount stores are great for finding baby clothes, don’t totally discount brand names either. I recently purchased a dress for my baby girl at The Gap for $1.97 and I got a great t-shirt for my 4 year old at H M; for $1. Check the clearance racks at the brand name clothing stores as well as discount stores to really save money on baby clothes.

Mix It Up

Of course you don’t want to put your baby in the same outfit everyday, but you can easily create multiple outfits by mixing and matching different body suits and different pants. You can even mix up the hat for a totally new look without needing an entirely new outfit.


You can really save money on baby clothes by trading with friends or family members that may have a different gender baby. If you had a boy first and now have a girl, but your cousin had the opposite, see if you could trade your boy/girl wardrobes. Then you’ll both save big money on baby clothes.


If those short sleeved bodysuits from summer still fit, don’t count them out. Just add a hoodie or a sweater to create a whole new outfit. Layering allows you to increase your baby’s wardrobe without spending as much money as you would buying whole new outfits.


Or course shopping consignment stores is a first choice for many parents to save money on baby clothes, but don’t forget about selling clothes too. Take your own clothing that you no longer wear to consignment stores and go through your other children’s wardrobes as well. It’s nice to be able to shop on your “tab” when you sell and buy clothes at the same consignment store.

Plan Ahead a Season

Baby clothes go on super clearance at the end of each season. Plan ahead for the coming season and buy winter clothes in the spring and spring/summer clothes it the fall. Sure you won’t know exactly what size your child will be during a certain season, but you can make an intelligent guess, and with clearance outfits for $2.00, who can pass it up? And it’s always awesome to find a closet already full of baby clothes when the weather changes.

Your new baby’s wardrobe simply doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Use these 10 tips to save on baby clothing and put your savings toward more important things (like college savings!).

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